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Ultimate platform to create powerful, flexible, and multi-functional B2B, B2C, and B2X e-commerce solutions


"Online channels will account for 80 percent of global B2B purchases by 2025"


About iAM-Trade


iAM-Trade is a powerful platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X e-commerce solutions. This platform is designed for small, mid-market, and enterprise companies entering e-commerce domain, or upgrading their current solution: robust account, price, order, product, delivery management features will fit any scale and any industry.

  • automation of sales 
  • boosted online sales
  • optimized business processes
  • improved customer communications 
  • expansion to new territories and markets
  • easy business scaling: up to 1M products
  • easy integrations: 200+ connections
  • flexible & customizable UX & UI
  • marketing tools & features
  • minimized personnel involvement
iAM-Trade is an ecommerce solution for B2B, B2C, and B2X.



Growing Business and Profits

Expand to new markets, save on efficient automated workflows, and eliminate errors. Earn more on positive user experiences and personalized pricing.

Ultimate Convenience

Forget about functionality by default. Embrace full customization along the whole transaction chain to create an e-commerce platform of your dream.

Minimized Risks

Automation at all stages of customer’s trip to product delivery. No risk of errors by sales, operators, warehouse, or logistics personnel.

Multiple Integrations

IAM-Trade can be integrated with the tools and systems already in place to deliver smooth employer and customer experiences 24/7.

Our Customers

Our Customers

“By 2040, it’s estimated that 95 percent of all purchases will be through e-commerce”




Account Management

iAM-Trade provides plenty of options to customize user accounts and manage different business entities:

  • personalized accounts to view catalogs, pricing, and make orders
  • several business accounts available for every user
  • several contracts supported by one business account
  • multiple carts available for every account
  • multichannel notifications
  • automatic shipment suspension if the credit limit is reached
  • personal manager available via built-in online chat

Product Management

iAM-Trade provides advanced functionality for product management:  

  • product categories and search filters
  • editing descriptions for thousands of products in minutes
  • convenient catalogs: from a multilingual table to a colorful catalog with 3D views & videos
  • replacements and analogues search algorithms
  • connection with dealers’ e-commerce solutions for product search and information exchange: product information, prices, delivery terms, etc. sent directly from iAM-Trade

Order Management

Order management, a key feature of iAM-Trade, provides functions required for efficient operations:

  • full order processing & detailed order log
  • order reservation & pre-ordering
  • correct and timely information about orders
  • generation of invoices and statements
  • delivery management by customer
  • complaints and returns management
  • automation of orders from suppliers
  • wait lists, wish lists, order change, availability notifications

Pricing Management

iAM-Trade provides multiple options for flexible pricing management:

  • flexible price formation
  • customizable discounts
  • cashbacks
  • upselling
  • cross-selling: package offers
  • different price categories in catalogs
  • promotion campaigns

Integrations Management

iAM-trade provides more than 200 integrations with: 

  • financial and accounting systems
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • warehouse management systems (WMS) 
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • product information management (PIM)
  • transport management system (TMS)
  • online payment systems

"According to 41 percent of shoppers, the most important attribute when shopping online is fast and reliable delivery"


Delivery Management

iAM-Trade provides developed delivery management functionality: 

  • from a simple list of delivery types to complex schedules for separate POS based on size and weight limitations
  • direct delivery to end customers for orders made via resellers
  • integration with logistic companies
  • minimized delivery risks due to constant monitoring
  • templates customizing conditions for delivery costs, weight & size, free delivery, individual delivery
  • customer can track delivery progress and costs

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