SaaS Solution for Transport & Delivery Management


Issues Resolved

Issues Resolved

 If your business experiences issues in transport or delivery management, such as:

  • Inability to manage a growing fleet
  • Inadequately growing fleet and delivery costs
  • Inefficient route planning
  • Insufficient monitoring and reporting
  • High error risks for deliveries leading to customer complaints
  • Absent or inefficient communications with customers damaging the brand image
  • Poor or absent integration with information systems

…then, 8move is right for you

Customer Value

Customer Value

8move helps achieve strategic, business, and operational objectives:


Growing Business and Profits

8move helps to reduce transaction cycles and optimize logistics processes, eliminating essential bottlenecks.                                                                                   

Reduced Transport Costs

Reduced car mileage and more POS served within the working hours of the logistics unit.                                                                                  

Minimized Risks

The minimal probability of delivering wrong goods, to wrong clients, or losing the goods.                                                                                                                                     

Process Optimization

Automated route planning and digitalized processes for inbound and outbound logistics. Electronic document management.


Increased Customer Loyalty

Faster and more reliable deliveries. Online payments. Push notifications of clients.                                                                                                       

Improved Security

Drivers’ control, vehicle GPS tracking, cloud data storage, digital delivery controls.                                                                                                                   

Target Industries

Target Industries

“Three things make the nation great & prosperous: fertile soil, active industry & ease of movement of people & goods”

Francis Bacon

8move functionality

8move functionality

Efficient Route Management

8move automates the creation of optimal delivery routes and optimization of already available.

  • Optimal route planning: time, vehicles, number & load, and checkpoints considered
  • Real-time integration with Google Map
  • Android application for instant changes
  • Manual route adjustments
  • Single checkpoint management

Accurate Planning

8move significantly simplifies planning and forecasting for logistics operations: 

  • Essential data for monitoring and forecasting
  • Efficient cost planning with accurate transportation workload forecasting
  • Planning of drivers’ workload
  • Minimized errors by personnel
  • GPS tracking of all vehicles and couriers for instant planning and control

Advanced Reporting

8move provides advanced reporting functionality and security features: 

  • Product, payment, delivery time, contact person info & history of transactions available
  • Route and operations reporting
  • Automated route violation reporting
  • Mileage control
  • Protected cloud storage
  • GPS tracking
  • Delivery control via e-signs, photos, SMS, PIN-codes, QR- and barcodes


8move provides numerous integration options for different: 

  • ERP, CRM, WMS, CMS, and other systems
  • Data import/export with .xls or .json
  • SMS and push notifications for clients
  • Electronic document management
  • QR-code & barcode scanning
  • iAM-Trade integration
  • Online payments
  • Field contract signing
Simplified data handling process using the SaaS platform 8Move.

SaaS Benefits

8move is a platform provided as a SaaS which is a strategic advantage for our customers. SaaS solutions are more beneficial than on-premise software, in the logistics industry as well. Cloud 8move provides: 

  • Simplified data handling process
  • Improved data analysis
  • Improved supply chain visibility
  • Improved resilience: automated backup
  • Excellent uptime
  • Financial advantages: trials, smart pricing
  • Maximum customization freedom 
  • No need for hardware and software upgrades
  • Global accessibility
  • Technical support 24/7

"Growing preference of E-commerce platforms fuels delivery management software market growth."

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Trident Software offers an iAM-Trade e-commerce platform, which deeply integrates with the 8Move delivery management solution. Find out more

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