Project Details

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An SME website is similar to a brochure website but contains more comprehensive details, customer reviews, case studies, and other relevant information. 

This type of website may include blogs or news sections, visually appealing designs, and interactive features to establish trust and credibility with potential customers or clients. 

The ultimate objective is to provide visitors with valuable information that will attract more qualified leads and improve the likelihood of conversion.


Trident Software offers affordable, user-friendly SME websites that showcase your brand and attract leads. Our services include SEO optimization, custom content, scalability, ongoing support, and responsive design. Harness the potential of the online world with a top-quality SME website.

We Propose

Our proposition goes beyond the ordinary – offering affordable, user-friendly SME websites meticulously crafted for brand allure and lead generation.


Trident Software offers affordable and visually appealing web design services to help you stand out. We prioritize custom content, prompt delivery, and quality, creating a website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors as a virtual business card.


A comprehensive summary of your company, including background, product and service offerings, and mission statement.


Contains all the relevant contact information for the business, including phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and social media links.

Products and Services

Provides detailed information about products with images or videos and specifications, a list of services offered along with description and pricing information.

Knowledge Hub

Offers content such as blogs and FAQs to empower visitors with relevant and trustworthy information, positioning the website as a credible source.

Success Stories

Highlights the company’s past projects, testimonials from satisfied clients, and a portfolio of the work completed.

Legal Information

Provides vital policies that regulate website’s usage, comprising the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.

Search Engine Optimization

Improves your search engine rankings and attracts more qualified leads.


Gathers user behavior and engagement data, providing valuable insights to optimize your website's performance and make data-driven decisions.