Mastertool Website Launch: Online Tools Store in Slovakia 

The streamlined design of online tools store, displayed on a laptop screen.

Revolutionizing Tool Shopping in Slovakia

We are excited to introduce our new project – the MASTERTOOL online store in Slovakia! This platform is dedicated to providing tools for both B2B and B2C customers, promising an innovative approach to tool procurement.

Our platform streamlines the shopping experience, offering a vast selection of top-quality products. With MASTERTOOL, finding the perfect tool for any project has never been easier.

Project Description

“Mastertool is a family-owned business with 25 years of experience. Over this time, we have achieved the highest quality of products, each meticulously inspected.

We stay in regular contact with our clients, providing them with timely updates on news, pricing, special offers, and benefits.

Our team of trained experts is ready to provide customized solutions that meet the highest customer demands. We aim to meet our customers’ needs by offering comprehensive information and high-quality services.”


The client approached Trident Software with a request to create an online shop website that would efficiently sell products in Slovakia, integrating local delivery services and online payment options.

In addition, the design of online tools store should closely align with the desired functionality of an existing tool website in Ukraine. The website should be unique, with integration into a separate accounting system. Equally important, it should serve both retail and wholesale customers.

We eagerly accepted the challenge of undertaking this new and exciting project, given our positive experience with this client.Ultimately, we brought to life the unique project

The website integrates numerous features to facilitate quick and convenient product selection, obtain detailed order information, analyze mutual settlements, and much more.

Image of various tools neatly arranged, representing offerings for online tool sales.
Tool store worker at a laptop, managing operations for an online tool shop.

Main Website Features

  • Multi-Account: Allows users to manage multiple business accounts, easily switching between them.
  • Multi-Cart: Enables the creation of different carts for various clients or company branches.
  • Bulk Product Upload: Simplifies the ordering process, especially for regular assortments.
  • Pricing System: Easily manages prices, discounts, and creates banners for marketing events.
  • Bundle Offers: Allows selling items individually or in bundles, providing customers with additional benefits.
  • Product Selection By Catalog: Convenient search filters make customer work enjoyable and efficient.
  • On-Site Notifications: Provide up-to-date information on news, sales, and important events.
  • Wishlist: Enables users to save items for later when they become available.
  • Analytics: Provide detailed reports on settlements and orders.
  • Order History: Allows analysis of orders and monitoring their status.
  • Multilingual Support: Provides convenience in working with the website in different languages.

We genuinely hope that our new project, MASTERTOOL Slovakia, will effectively address the client’s needs and fulfill the requirements of its customers. The design of online tools store is crucial for attracting customers and facilitating easy navigation and purchases.

Ultimately, we extend our best wishes to the client for success and prosperity in their business endeavors.

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