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Our longstanding relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now evolved into a full-fledged partnership, broadening our service capabilities.

To showcase our dedication to excellence, we’re pleased to announce our successful completion of a rigorous AWS expertise evaluation. Specifically, this evaluation ensures that we meet the highest standards of service excellence and technical proficiency.

In fact, Amazon Web Services is a leading global cloud platform, and we’re proud to be among their partners. Also, this partnership opens up boundless possibilities for us to enhance and improve our services for you, our valued customers.

Trident Software

AWS is known for its reliability, scalability, and security. Furthermore, their solutions are used by large corporations and innovative startups worldwide. After using AWS services for some time, we’re proud to formalize this partnership, greatly enriching our service offerings.

How Will This Impact You?

Our collaboration with AWS will revolutionize your experience with our services. In particular, you can expect:

1. AWS Programs and Benefits: First, we gain access to wide range of AWS Partner Programs, which provides credits, training, technical support, a lot of opportunities for both startups and our customers’ businesses.

2. Advanced Technical Support:  Second, AWS provides us with advanced technical support access. As a result, you can expect faster issue resolution and a seamless experience.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: Another key point, our services will continue to benefit from AWS’s high-performance infrastructure, ensuring faster response times and uninterrupted service.

4. Elevated Security: Also, we are doubling down on security measures to uphold the confidentiality and protection of your data, now backed by AWS’s robust security protocols.

5. Expanded Capabilities:
We’re expanding our services, providing you with an even broader spectrum of options to meet your unique needs.

6. Greater Flexibility: With our enhanced capabilities, you’ll have more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to tailor solutions to your exact needs.

7. Financial Resources: Additionally, we’ve secured funding to invest in cutting-edge technologies, which means we can deliver even greater value to you.

Two individuals shake hands in agreement, marking the beginning of Trident Software's collaboration with the AWS Partner Program.
Inside the server room of AWS, showcasing the infrastructure and reliability of AWS Partner Services in managing cloud solutions.

Our Shared Goal: Your Success

Our partnership with AWS demonstrates our dedication to providing an unmatched experience for our clients. Together with AWS, we are confident that we can provide you with even more opportunities and robust support to help you excel.

Ultimately, we’re thrilled about this milestone and sincerely thank you, our valued clients, for your unwavering support. Together, we’ll reach new heights, enhancing your experiences with us.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner. Stay tuned for the numerous opportunities and innovations that this partnership will bring. The best is yet to come!

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