Presenting Zenit Auto: Our New B2B Auto Parts Platform

Laptop displaying Zenit Auto's B2B auto parts platform interface for efficient wholesale management.

Wholesale Auto Parts Made Easy

We’re thrilled to introduce our new project, Zenit Auto, an innovative B2B website for auto parts sales.

Designed with the needs of wholesale auto parts buyers and partners in mind, Zenit Auto offers a wide range of features to ensure convenient and efficient online ordering of auto parts.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Search System

  • Search by Name: We’ve integrated an advanced search function that eliminates excess spaces and apostrophes, substitutes non-alphanumeric characters with spaces, and supports morphology. This enables you to discover items using a variety of word forms.
  • Search by Article: Furthermore, the system facilitates precise searches by article number, markedly speeding up locating the required parts.
  • Search by Article and Brand: Performing a precise search using both the article number and brand combination ensures precise results and minimizes potential errors.
  • Search by Cross Reference: Equally important, we added a cross-reference search function to find replacement parts by article number.
  • Search by Cross Reference and Brand: Like cross-reference search but incorporating the brand for even more precise replacements.
  • Autocomplete: Our autocomplete system expedites item searches by article number, cross-references, and name, enhancing the search experience with convenience and efficiency.
  • Search by Vehicle: Integration with the TecDoc catalogue through the Auto and Bundle library enables users to easily locate parts by specific car models, streamlining the parts-finding process.

Discount Microservice

Specifically, we’ve created a dedicated microservice for discount management.

This enables you to establish and adjust discounts based on different criteria, such as customer, product, brand, or order specifics (including item quantity or total order amount).

  • Weekly Deal: Offering discounts on selected items for a limited time.
  • Bonuses: Generating bonuses upon meeting specific order criteria to encourage purchases.
  • Complex Rules: Setting complex rules where a combination of conditions must be fulfilled for the discount to apply. This enables precise control over promotions and offers.

Functional Cart

It’s worth mentioning that we’ve created a user-friendly modal for adding items to the cart.

Users can pick their preferred cart from the options provided, view delivery dates within the modal itself, and select item quantities for various dates. 

  • Delivery Date Visualization: Users can view all available delivery dates and select the most suitable option, significantly simplifying purchase planning.
  • Creating Multiple Carts: Creating multiple carts for various orders allows users to conveniently plan and manage their purchases.
  • Items for Different Dates: The ability to place items for different dates in one cart allows for flexible management of deliveries.
  • Changing Item Quantities: Adjusting item quantities directly within the cart enhances the convenience of the ordering process for users.
  • Notification of Changes: The system actively notifies users of any changes to an item, such as stock availability, quantity adjustments, or price changes. Users receive alerts either through notifications or by seeing the item displayed in the “Unavailable for Order” section.

Delivery Addresses

Our platform offers extensive capabilities for managing delivery addresses.

Each counterparty can have multiple addresses associated with them, providing flexibility and precision in logistics management.

Moreover, users can configure detailed address information, covering everything from warehouse locations to delivery types and reception times. This meticulous setup ensures not only accuracy but also timely delivery of items, meeting the diverse needs of our customers effectively.

Order Statuses

Our B2B Auto Parts Platform boasts an advanced order status system, facilitating seamless tracking of every order and its constituent items.

With a diverse range of statuses available, users can easily monitor all stages of order processing, gaining insights into the status of both the overall order and each individual item.

Product Listing

Furthermore, we’ve introduced a user-friendly display of item availability dates on our platform.

Users can easily access this information by expanding the list, instantly viewing the quantity of an item available for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and beyond.

This intuitive interface empowers users to swiftly locate the information they need and efficiently plan their purchases, enhancing their overall experience on our platform.

In today’s dynamic landscape, convenience and automation are paramount in the purchasing and search process.

Our project “Zenit Auto” embodies a sophisticated and versatile B2B auto parts platform, streamlining the purchasing process and enhancing interaction with the system.

At Trident Software, we and our clients advance together, integrating new technologies into wholesale auto parts sales, thereby ensuring convenience for wholesalers and auto parts dealers alike.

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