Introducing Our New B2B Client Management Panel

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Are these your challenges?

Managing B2B clients for any product or equipment can be complex and time-consuming.

In fact, our clients have struggled with issues like inconsistent onboarding processes, difficulty controlling access, and tracking the rapidly changing roles and needs of their customers.

Many have also found it challenging to provide timely notifications, understand client activity, and maintain secure, organized data.

Our team at Trident Software has developed a comprehensive control panel specifically designed for B2B clients. If your customers are dealers or distributors, you’ll find this solution invaluable.

Key Features and Benefits

Hierarchical Control

The B2B Admin Panel introduces hierarchical control over companies and their associated contacts.

The product owner, distributors, and dealers can easily deactivate entire companies under their supervision, disabling associated contacts and limiting access while restoring user access upon reactivation.

  • Product Owner: Holds top-level authority to supervise the entire system, including distributors, dealers, customers, and end-users. The Product Owner can implement global changes and manage the system’s structure from the highest level.
  • Distributor:  Distributors oversee partners and ensure their networks operate smoothly, maintaining direct oversight over dealers and customers.
  • Dealer: Dealers act as intermediaries between distributors and end-users, providing localized sales support and customer service.
  • Customer: Purchases products or equipment and accesses relevant information. Customers can view their purchased products, related details, and receive support through the system.
  • Consumer: Holds restricted permissions to view product-specific details. End-users have limited access to the system and only see data relevant to the products they use.


Efficient Company Management

Easily create companies and authorize lower-level entities to build their own network of contacts. Adding partners, devices, and subscriptions is straightforward, empowering seamless business growth.

Moreover, new companies can quickly onboard partners and users into the system, minimizing delays and ensuring that information flows smoothly throughout the hierarchy. 

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Dashboard Features

The B2B Admin Panel’s dashboard offers features designed to boost efficiency and productivity.

So that, users can sort products or equipment based on type, location, and status, providing valuable insights into performance and maintenance needs.

Another key point, the intuitive dashboard layout ensures all critical data points are visible, allowing swift action on emerging issues and proactive device maintenance.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor the status of contacts, partners, and products in real-time. Particularly, detailed data enables informed decisions and proactive measures to optimize operations.

Users can view which companies are active, monitor individual contact statuses, and access product performance data to respond quickly to potential problems.

Customizable Subscriptions

Choose from various subscription plans tailored to specific business needs, ranging from basic access to full data access.

Notably, subscription plans can be configured to match the varying requirements of companies, dealers, and customers. Tailoring access levels ensures that each entity only accesses information relevant to its role.

Problems Addressed

  1. Inefficient Company Management: Traditional company management methods can lack hierarchical control, leading to inefficiencies. The panel streamlines management, providing hierarchical control and the ability to deactivate entire companies and associated contacts. By empowering Product Owners, distributors, and dealers with the ability to manage their network efficiently, the system eliminates delays and inconsistencies.
  2. Complex Monitoring:
    Without a centralized platform, businesses may struggle to monitor product performance effectively. The panel simplifies monitoring with intuitive dashboards, filtering, and performance insights. Filtering options enable users to quickly access specific product data based on region, distributor, dealer, or equipment type, ensuring efficient device management.
  3. Limited Visibility:
    Limited visibility into contact and partner statuses can hinder decision-making and collaboration. The panel enhances visibility with real-time data, enabling proactive relationship management. Users can monitor all active and inactive contacts, adjust permissions, and strengthen collaboration within the network.
  4. Inconsistent Onboarding:
    Many organizations struggle with inconsistent onboarding processes across different levels. The B2B Admin Panel standardizes onboarding by providing a clear framework for adding new companies, partners, and customers. This ensures that all entities follow a unified process, reducing errors and creating a cohesive network.
  5. Access Control Challenges:
    Controlling access to sensitive data can be challenging in multi-tiered networks. The B2B Admin Panel allows for granular access control based on roles, ensuring each user only sees data pertinent to their function. Product Owners can easily manage access at all levels to maintain data security.

The B2B Admin Panel, developed by Trident Software, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations.

With hierarchical control capabilities, efficient management tools, and comprehensive monitoring, the panel empowers businesses to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive success. This solution is a vital tool for achieving operational excellence across any product or equipment sold for B2B use.

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