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The GO-Valais Expat Club is a vibrant community dedicated to enhancing the expatriate experience in the picturesque region of Valais, Switzerland.

To fulfill their mission of enriching expatriate experiences, the club sought a digital hub to be the heart of their community.  

Thus, the resulting User portal website seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, providing expatriates with a comprehensive and engaging platform to navigate their life in Valais. Additionally, it stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to top-notch web design.

Also, our team has not only developed but also consistently manages the club’s Facebook and Linkedin pages.  This effort has significantly increased awareness and interaction between existing and potential club members.

Expat club website portfolio.


Expat's Pains and needs

Lack of Connection Among Expatriates

First thing to remember, GO-Valais Expat Club team faced the challenge of bringing together expatriates who often felt isolated in a foreign country. With this in mind, we proposed creating an interactive online community where expatriates could connect, share experiences, and forge meaningful relationships.

Limited Visibility of Club Events

In fact, the club struggled to reach expatriates who were unaware of its events and activities. For this reason, we introduced an event schedule section on the website to promote and manage club activities effectively.

Insufficient Visual Storytelling

The club lacked a compelling way to showcase its events and expatriate experiences visually. Therefore, we added a visually engaging gallery section to the Expat Club website for sharing stories through captivating images and videos.

Limited Membership Growth

Expanding the club's membership base was a significant difficulty. So, we integrated user-friendly registration forms, making it convenient for expatriates to join the club. Furthermore, social sharing features for events on WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn encouraged current members to invite others, fostering organic growth.

Struggling to Attract Sponsors and Partners

Another key point, the club faced difficulties in attracting sponsors and partners due to a lack of visibility and engagement. For this reason, we designed a visually appealing and informative sponsorship section to showcase the club's value proposition.

Common Expat Challenges to Overcome

Important to realize, that expatriates often grapple with language barriers, complex legalization procedures, and navigating the intricacies of health insurance. We created "Issues to Overcome" section on the expat club website, offering expatriates valuable posts, language courses information, and useful links to address these challenges.


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