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With many years of top-quality language education, Ardevaz School in Sion, Valais, is a hub of language expertise. The school website’s structure and features are aligned with the SME Website concept, fully meeting school needs.

Our collaboration resulted in an advanced school website with seamless content management, multilingual support, course presentation, and customer engagement. Equally important, the website features event galleries, a blog, FAQs, and even a French exam to fulfill the diverse requirements.

In addition, the project included rebranding, best practices in design, content management and search engine optimization.

Ardevaz Language School website portfolio.


School's Pains and needs

Rebranding and Design

A part of the client's request was to refresh the school's brand and create an engaging visual identity. Given that we've rebranded the website with a new logo and layout, capturing the institution's essence with a modern appeal.

Modern Online Presence

The client requested a modern, user-friendly website that would mirror the language school's status as a prominent institution. With this in mind, our team has created a digital platform that would resonate with both existing and potential students.

Comprehensive Curriculum Showcase

Ardevaz Language School provides a variety of language courses, with a primary emphasis on French, in addition to FIDE test preparation. With this intention, we structured the school website to showcase its diverse courses, boosting its language education status.

Multilingual Accessibility

The client aimed for a website that could be accessed worldwide. In response, we localized content into six languages, ensuring seamless access and interaction for learners worldwide.

Blog and Social media

Before, the client faced challenges in effectively integrating a blog and social media presence to keep students engaged and connected. Now our content management team has developed unique content ensuring real-time information sharing and connecting the school community.

Search Engine Visibility

Up to the present time, the client struggled with low search engine visibility due to inadequate optimization, hindering its discoverability. Now, the school website is now optimized with SEO techniques, keywords, and relevant content to boost rankings and attract students.


Website Screens

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