Ardevaz Language School Website Launch

We are delighted to announce the culmination of a remarkable collaboration – the new Ardevaz Language School website launch. As project creators, we’re thrilled to share the journey of crafting an innovative online platform for a prestigious language school. Because the project integrated the SME Website concept, it was a perfect fit for the school’s needs.

For decades, the Ardevaz School of Language in Sion, Valais, has shone as a prominent hub of language education. Considering the school’s focus on French and its offering of FIDE test preparation, it stands as a beacon of linguistic excellence. Moreover, the school offers an unparalleled learning experience with its certified teachers and a customizable schedule to meet individual requirements.

In fact, the school provides affordable language courses  in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Our partnership resulted in a comprehensive language school website launch embodying Ardevaz’s educational philosophy. Empowering the school, we have furnished the platform with a robust content management system (CMS) for seamless content curation and structure. Crafted for a global audience, the website provides content localization in six languages, thus ensuring accessibility for learners worldwide.

The Ardevaz language school homepage picture.
Ardevaz Language School website portfolio.

A website highlight is the integrated French proficiency test, helping students assess their language skills and determine their starting point. This feature seamlessly aligns perfectly with Ardevaz’s commitment to personalized education and skill development.

The new language school website launch not only captivates visually but also mirrors the institution’s revamped logo and branding. Not to mention, we also implemented cutting-edge SEO practices to ensure the platform’s visibility across search engines.

Moreover, the website features an engaging blog section that underscores Ardevaz’s commitment to comprehensive learning. Thus, by actively sharing language insights, tips, and cultural updates, the institution reinforces its dedication to a dynamic learning community.

Here you can get more detailed information about the project, the client’s requirements and our solutions.


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