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Woman interacting with an AI voice assistant.

The Rise of Conversational AI in Business Operations

When thinking of voice bots, voice assistants like Alexa or Siri come to mind.

As businesses continue to embrace conversational AI, conversational interactive voice response (IVR) is fast becoming one of the most popular implementations. 

With its ability to seamlessly interact with customers and provide personalized support, IVR has proven to be an effective tool for enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Moreover, it is reducing costs, and increasing client reach with 24/7 multilingual assistance.

This is a simple bot that demonstrates several functionalities:
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Collecting information from the interlocutor - the bot requested and stored the name "Maxim" in the database. Processing condition and sending message - the interlocutor answered "Yes" to all questions except for one. In this case, the bot sent a message via WhatsApp.

Switzerland is renowned for its small businesses producing exceptional goods and services. However, SME employees are sometimes overwhelmed with calls and struggle to focus on core tasks, which leads to stress. Thus, voice or chat AI bots can be beneficial in streamlining your daily activities and taking some of the burden off your plate.

A man working on a laptop while receiving assistance from a chatbot AI, illustrating the efficiency of AI customer service.
A man interacts with a holographic microphone, adorned with an AI badge, demonstrating the future of voice chatbot technology.

AI-Powered Voice Bots Technology

A voice bot is an AI-powered conversational agent that uses natural language understanding (NLU) to interpret speech and understand intent. Furthermore, experts commonly refer to this technology as Conversational IVR. 

Conversational IVR is a technology that enables callers to interact with a self-service solution using their voice. In contrast to traditional IVR systems, it eliminates the need for fixed menus or numerical inputs.

Conversational interactive voice response can comprehend full sentences in voice and even has the ability to understand context. Equally important, the voice bot responds in full sentences, allowing callers to steer the conversation.

Utilizing a voice bot, you can efficiently direct customers to the appropriate agent and provide them with additional assistance.

For example, conversational IVR can be employed for:

  • addressing customer inquiries promptly and accurately
  • providing updates on order statuses products and services
  • offering assistance in selecting products and services, along with personalized recommendations
  • informing customers about ongoing promotions and discounts
  • initiating outbound cold calls
  • supporting various additional functions as required
  • Focusing on What Matters

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